Midsummer Solo Challenge 2021

It has been a very turbulent last 6 months. First I made the huge decision to make a run for the Olympics, found two great sailing partners to make the Olympic effort with, spent a lot of time on Road To Gold by Hamish Willcox and Andy Rice […]

A run for the Olympics – partner wanted!

Those of you that have read Jim Collins business bible “Built to last” are familiar with the term BHAG – Big Hairy Audacious Goal – and the value of setting such goals. Some classical BHAG’s are: “Democratize the automobile”, Ford, early 1900’s “Become the company that most changes […]

Göteborg Open sea Race 2020

If Bohusracet was a windless game, Göteborg Open sea Race (GOR) was the complete opposite at times… The course is 107 NM of open sea racing and is laid in such a way that you are more or less guaranteed all angles of sailing regardless of wind direction: […]

Bohusracet 2020

As much as I love the sun and heat, the primary thing I want when sailing is wind… It doesn’t have to be much wind, but at least enough to allow for a steady pace. This years Bohusracet was to a large extent a windless game. The race […]

First / Seascape 24 for sale!

I’m now selling my previous boat: a First / Seascape 24. It’s in excellent condition, truly ready-to-race. Has performed very well in all regattas it participated in (never been beaten by another 24). Bunch of major upgrades versus a standard 24 (electronics, autopilot, sails, extra halyards and tacklines, […]

Midsummer Solo Challenge 2020

First race and first time solo sailing with the new boat! To be honest thou, it was not a real race, it was a challenge as the name of the event suggets. The purpose of Midsummer Solo challenge is to have a great time together with other solo […]

Why Figaro 3?

At a first glance it might seem like an odd choice to choose a Figaro 3 for normal offshore shorthanded regatta sailing, especially considering that we are just happy amateurs. In this post I’ll try to explain the logic behind this decision and why it makes perfect sense. […]